Hello World!

Semi-Tacky, Yes?

I know, I know, this blog post title is what every web developer first learns and uses for almost every test. Isn’t it fitting though?

Yet here I am, creating a blog for my own quips and blurbs about random things, as does every blogger out there. Spouting our thoughts and ideas so someone out there might possibly listen and read and take our advice. Or at least identify with us. So that’s what this is. This is a site for you to read about things that I am interested in.

What am I interested in, you ask?

Well how about that!

    What you will read about on this blog:

  • My Aussie puppies, Atlas and Ryker
  • Video games I’ve been playing lately
  • My latest musical obsessions (namely post-rock)

So that’s that. I hope you can enjoy any of the content I post in the future!


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